The Chapped Lips are a Berlin based rock band with roots throughout the very east, north and west of Germany. Formed in late 2013 the band spent their first year playing live as much as possible, defining a musical identity of skilled and varied Indie/art rock with broad influences. In 2015 they distilled the result into their first musical piece „Forever young today“, a record like a theatre play with great artistic weight, varied instrumentation and compositional techniques beyond the short pop single.


Forever Young Today – 7€


11.04.15 – Berlin – Arcanoa Club – w. Tape Generation
10.05.15 – Berlin – Hangar 49 – w. Some Poetries
11.06.15 – Berlin – Duncker Club
13.06.15 – Berlin – Privatclub
18.06.15 – Berlin – Badehaus Szimpla – Releaseparty

31.10.15 – Berlin – Admiralspalast – FritzNacht der Talente (Sold out)


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